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Your best Partner for Forensic Science Laboratory Solutions

As Lumina Forensics GmbH, our main business area is security technologies and specifically the Forensic Science Laboratories,crime scene investigation and bomb disposal technologies., Many works have been completed particularly for the Turkish Police Service and Gendarmerie forensic laboratories and also for the foreign country security units for their product, equipment, project and training needs.


Our company is very experienced particularly on crime scene and criminal subjects.


We offer variety of products & services such ass crime scene investigation -CSI- products, biological evidence collection and investigation, ballistic and trace investigation, latent fingerprint collection and development products, forgery and document investigation, sound, image, data and video investigation, chemical investigati

Extended Support

Of great importance to our customers is our well trained, experienced technical staff who takes care of the complete installation of the equipment and offers the customer technical support throughout the whole lifetime of the machinery.


your best Partner for Medical Diagnostic Laboratories

Our firm has more than 10 years of experience in Forensic Laboratories and work in
these installation projects with the experts accredited by the Accreditation Institution
in our country and worked in many previous infra-structure and construction
projects. As Lumina Forensics GmbH, we can clearly state out that the construction
and installation works of Forensic Laboratories is finalized in a detailed way from
the beginning just like a project.

Projects Some of our recent projects