Improved Forensic Laboratory


It is very critical to perform the investigations based on scientifically supported evidences Crime investigations. Such activities mainly consist of collection of prints and evidences from the crime scene, protection and delivery to the relevant laboratory. These authorization, responsibility and works including scientific and standardized procedures cover the whole process from the beginning to the end
based on an evidence based investigation. Therefore it’s neccessary that the crime scene investigation experts and forensic laboratory experts to work in a laboratory appropriate to international standards and having an infrastructure for accreditation.
In this regard, the countries which have decided on construction and installation of forensic laboratories and accomplished such projects have taken a big step in being an example for others on respect to human rights and legal fairness.


Forensic science can be stated as adaptation of physical sciences to criminal cases. Forensic Laboratories are indispensable for evidence based crime investigation in the framework of reaching the suspect from the evidence fundamental human rights. Within this context, the process starting after the crime with the crime scene investigation and continuing with collection of evidences and investigation/reporting of them in the forensic laboratories is finalized with prosecution and court decision. Such laboratories in international standards have similar infrastructure, equipments and hundreds of procedures and protocols in each country.

For instance, DFO chemical technique for revealing the very old finger prints (1-20 years) on absorbent surfaces such as paper is applied and reported with the same procedure and protocol in all developed country laboratories. Considering the accredited laboratories in USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Turkey and some other countries, forensic laboratories mainly consist of the following given laboratories and units.

  1. Forensic chemistry laboratory
  2. Forensic Biology (DNA) laboratory
  3. Forensic Ballistics Laboratory
  4. Forgery Investigation Laboratory
  5. Imprint Investigation Laboratory (tire print, shoe print, tool prints)
  6. Fingerprint Laboratory and Automated Fingerprint Identification System
  7. Digital Forensic Laboratory(Sound, image, and data investigation laboratories)
  8. Disaster victim Identification (Interpol standards)
  9. Forensic Toxicolgy Laboratory
  10. Vehicle Investigation Laboratory
  11. Bomb Disposal and Investigations
  12. Evidence Reception and Transfer Unit


1. Construction and completion of physical infrastructure of forensic laboratory including ventilation, air-conditioning, information and investigation systems.
2. Installation of fingerprint laboratory with the relevant laboratory infrastructure and equipments required for investigation and reporting of fresh and old fingerprints on the porous and non-porous surfaces by using physical, chemical, physicochemical and instrumental methods.

• Narcotic drug analysis
• Explosive substances analysis
• Shooting residue analysis
• Shooting distance determination analysis
• Toxic substances analysis
• Alcohol in blood analysis
• Paint analysis
• Color tests with GC/MS

• Narcotic substance in blood,
urine and hair
• Fire analysis
• Soil analysis
• Fiber analysis
• Metal analysis
• Glass analysis

3. Installation of forensic chemistry laboratory with the appropriate infrastructure
and equipments allowing the below given investigations
4. Installation of Forensic DNA Laboratory with the infra-structure and equipments allowing for investigation of blood, hair, sweat, nail, tissue samples, scuff, tooth, stool samples
5. Installation of DNA data base where required
6. Installation of laboratory work flow and information management system
7. Installation of Print investigation laboratory with the infrastructure and equipments
allowing for investigation of shoe print, tire prints, tool prints and vehicle
identification numbers Forensic DNA investigation
8. Installation of Ballistics laboratory together with facilities for cartridge and bullet investigations, bullet recovery water or cotton tanks for comparing the
samples, comparison microscopes and other equipments
9. Installation of national ballistic data bank system upon request
10. Installation of national Finger Print data bank system upon request
11. Installation of forgery investigations laboratory with the infrastructure and equipments allowing for hand-writing investigations, signature investigations,passport, driving license, id card investigations, debit cards, check-bond, counterfeit money investigations, electronic typewriter, computer printers investigations Forgery Investigation

data recovery, data copying, determination, analysis, interpretation and reporting

Data Tools

data recovery, data copying, determination, analysis, interpretation and reporting

12. Installation of Forensic Information Investigation, Forensic sound and voice investigation systems with the laboratory infra-structure and equipments allowing for identifying the speaker profile identification and recognition of speaker, macroscopic investigation, tune analysis, spectrographic analysis, record optimization based on speaking signal and noise signal on a scientific platform
13. Installation of analog and digital image investigation system with the relevant infrastructure and equipments allowing for montage investigations, image optimization, image comparison, image cutting, selection of appropriate square for motions, repair of perspective fractions, odd-even area repairs, brightness, contrast, gamma settings,
sharpness, color separation, repair of stain and tissue defects, deblurring the blurry images, fictional investigations
14. With regards to forensic information investigations, installation of forensic laboratories with the physical infra-structure and equipments allowing for data recovery, data copying, determination, analysis, interpretation and reporting of the information included in the digital evidences based on the evidence investigation procedures
15. With regards to bomb disposal and investigations, safe bomb disposal in the field, investigation of bomb parts, bomb data base installation and support with a software works
16. With regards to the corporateness of quality management system, obtaining an accreditation certificate for forensic laboratory as a support on accreditation works