About us


As Lumina Forensics GmbH, our main business area is security technologies and specifically the Forensic Science Laboratories,crime scene investigation and bomb disposal technologies., Many works have been completed particularly for the Turkish Police Service and Gendarmerie forensic laboratories and also for the foreign country security units for their product, equipment, project and training needs.

Our entity also providing consultancy on forensic science, forensic expertise especially offer turnkey solutions on installation/capacity building projects of forensic laboratories with the expert team. Recently, we have worked on forensic chemistry, ballistic investigations, forgery investigations, fingerprint, bomb disposal and examinations studie for Sudan Police Service Criminal Laboratory and accomplished successfully.

Furthermore, many works of Turkish Police Service and Gendarmerie Command have been finalized until now. We especially provide investigation, analysis and reporting on capacity measurement, needs analysis, performance assessment and offer turn-key solutions.

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Background Company history

Our company is very experienced particularly on crime scene and criminal subjects.
Our company has accomplished many good works in this area and additionally, many
products such as crime scene investigation products, biological evidence collection and
investigation products, ballistic and trace investigation products, latent fingerprint
collection and development products, forgery and document investigation products,
sound, image, data and video investigation products, chemical investigation products,
etc. are supplied